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Hebei Jinzhuangzi Boiler Co., Ltd. has been pursuing the business philosophy of "survive by quality, develop by technology" for more than 20 years. Xunzi boiler has good production conditions. The cutting, forming, welding, assembly, pressure test, machining, lifting and testing of the boiler are all well-equipped. In addition, Xunzi Boiler has also established a strict quality assurance management system, and integrated quality control throughout the entire process of design, procurement, production, and inspection to ensure the high quality of boiler products and have been unanimously recognized by the majority of boiler users.
Implementation standards

Relevant national laws and regulations

1. Decree No. 549 of the State Council of the People's Republic of China on Special Equipment Safety Supervision Regulations
2. Pot Quality Inspection Pot No. 22 Boiler and Pressure Vessel Manufacturing Supervision and Management Measures Safety Compilation
3. Pot Quality Inspection Pot [2003] No.248 No.248 Rules for the Evaluation and Supervision of Non-destructive Monitoring Personnel of Special Equipment
4, pot quality inspection pot [2003]
No. 194 Boiler and Pressure Vessel Manufacturing License Conditions
Boiler and pressure vessel manufacturing permit working procedure
Rules for supervision and inspection of safety performance of boiler and pressure vessel products
5. The Ministry of Labor [1996] No. 276: The single copy of the steam boiler safety technology supervision regulations
6. Lao Guo Zi [1997] No. 74: single copy of safety technology supervision regulations for hot water boilers
7. Ministry of Labor [1993] No. 356: Safety Technical Supervision Regulations for Organic Heat Carrier Furnace Volume 2
8. Guofa [1982] No. 22: Interim Regulations on Safety Supervision of Boiler and Pressure Vessel
9. Implementation details of the Interim Regulations on the Safety Supervision of Boiler and Pressure Vessel No. [1982] 6
10. National People's Congress [2002] Safety Compilation of the People's Republic of China Work Safety Law
11. Copy of Product Quality Law of the People's Republic of China
12.Separate copy of Environmental Protection Law of the People's Republic of China
13. Standard copy of the Standardization Law of the People's Republic of China
14. Pot quality inspection pot [2002] No. 109 boiler pressure vessel pressure pipe welder examination and management rules booklet

Boiler manufacturing execution standards

01. "Interim Regulations on Boiler and Pressure Vessel Safety Supervision"
02. "Technical Regulations for Steam Boiler Safety Technology Supervision"
03. "Boiler Product Safety and Quality Supervision and Inspection Rules"
04. "General technical conditions for industrial boilers" (TB / T10094-2002)
05. "Industrial boiler thermal test specification" (GB10180-80)
06. "Boiler Air Pollutants Emission Standard" (GB13271-91)
07. "Standard for Environmental Noise in Urban Areas" (GB13271-91)
08. "Industrial boiler water quality" (GB1576-2001)
09. "Technical conditions for the manufacture of boiler drums" (JB / T1609-93)
10. "Technical Conditions for Boiler Header Manufacturing" (JB / T1610-93)
11. "Technical Conditions for Boiler Tube Manufacturing" (JB / T1611-93)
12. "Technical Conditions for Boiler Hydraulic Pressure Test" (JB / T1612-93)
13. "Technical conditions for welding of boiler pressure components" (JB / T1613-93)
14. "Code for Construction and Acceptance of Industrial Boiler Installation Engineering" (GB1576-2001)
15. Design guidelines for internal devices of industrial boiler drums; JB / T9618-1999
16. Code for construction and acceptance of industrial furnace masonry projects; GBJ211-1987
17. Calculation of the strength of pressure components in boiler shell boilers; GB / T16508-1996
18. Calculation of the strength of pressure components of water tube boilers; GB9222-1988
19. Technical conditions for the manufacture of boiler drums; JB / T1609-1993
20. Modeling method of industrial boiler products; JB / T1626-1992
21. Boiler manhole device; JB / T2190-1993
22. Square cast iron economizer tube and elbow; JB / T2192-1993

Hebei Jinzunzi Boiler Co. , Ltd. , A-class boiler production qualification, specializing in the production of heat-conducting oil furnaces , steam boilers , hot water boilers, waste heat boilers, pressure vessels, steam generators, desulfurization tanks. The steam boiler has reached the domestic leading level, saving more than 30% of energy compared with similar products in the same industry in China
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