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Use and maintenance of chain grate?
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Structural features:

This product consists of a motor, a reducer body, and a cross slider output structure. The reducer body is based on the slow rotation speed and high torque operating characteristics required by the chain grate. It uses the NN-type planetary gear mechanism with small tooth difference and cylindrical gear pair structure. In combination, due to the reasonable design and layout, the reducer can ensure a large speed ratio in the primary stage and a large bearing capacity in the final stage, thereby achieving a compact structure, practical and stable performance, beautiful appearance, and convenient installation, maintenance and repair. .


This machine is equipped with two lubrication areas, one area: the input side differential speed reduction part, the oil injection hole is on the top of the inner side of the pulley end cap (pointed by the arrow), the first injection of 30-40 engine oil 1-2 kg, and regular inspection in the future. Standard: It is advisable to observe that the oil flutters without spilling in open operation.

Zone 2: Fill the main tank with oil, open the oil cover on the top of the tank, and inject 30-40 oil to the middle of the oil mark on the side of the tank. Change the oil once a year and prohibit oil-free operation. All bearings should be filled with grease during maintenance and disassembly.

Commissioning and operation:

1. Check all connections and fasteners before the car to prevent them from loosening. It is sufficient to start the whole machine transmission with a hand wheel with a large pulley. At the same time check the safety device, clean and lubricate, make it normally connected or disconnected, and then pay attention to check the lubrication in the machine, the lubrication must be separated.

2. Turn on the power, and at the same time, twist the speed knob of the motor controller to return the index on the speedometer to zero position, and then slowly increase the speed to about 100-200r / min (note: before stopping the power in the future, you must also Return the pointer to the zero position).

3. At the same time, twist the adjustment nut on the safe installation position to make the spring in a more relaxed state. After the car is started, the steel ball coupler will automatically disengage and a continuous beep sound will be issued. The pulley will idle and the machine will not work. At this time, stop immediately, and gradually try to tighten the adjusting nut to compress the spring. By clicking the car, stopping, and adjusting repeatedly, until the coupler just drives the pulley to rotate without disengaging, then the reducer and the grate are in a cold state. Run for 1-2 hours, and check the running status of the motor, reducer and grate repeatedly to find and troubleshoot in time.

After low running normally, speed up gradually and make full cold test run for more than 4 hours.

After running normally in the cold state, the coal can be burned and operated under normal working conditions. At this time, due to the increase in compliance, the detacher may jump off. The operator can stop and tighten the nut until the In the combustion state, the zygote can just drive the whole machine without being disengaged.

Care and maintenance:

1. Keep fully lubricated, do not run without oil, keep the machine clean, and prevent dust from entering the rotating parts in the machine.

2. Keep all parts of the safety device clean and lubricated to ensure that they can be properly combined or disengaged, and do not compress the spring arbitrarily to avoid loss of overload protection.

3. Do not run under overload to prevent damage to the reducer.

4. The whole machine is overhauled once a year, clean the inside, replace the wearing parts, and change the lubricant.

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