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Launched mass production of clean coal dryer
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Briquette drying equipment

Product introduction

The coal briquette drying equipment is mainly composed of a heating part, a heat exchange part, a material conveying part, a support, and an inlet and outlet and a steam exhausting part. This equipment uses heat transfer oil circulation for heat exchange, which can realize the automatic control of temperature and meet the different requirements of briquette drying.

1. The heat required by the equipment is provided by a thermal oil furnace. The heat is transferred to the heat exchange surface by a hot oil circulation pump, and the briquettes on the chain plate conveying device are dried.

2. The briquette is dropped on the chain plate conveying device by the feeding hopper. When the chain plate runs to the recess of the guide rail, the inner roller end runs along the downward slope of the guide rail to pour the briquette on the lower chain plate. The chain plate moves upward along the upper section of the guide rail under the traction of the chain, and turns to the bottom through the sprocket wheels at both ends to become the lower conveying chain plate. Same as the upper chain plate, the briquette is dumped on the chain plate of the next circle at the recess of the guide rail. After a few cycles of this cycle, the briquette is transported out of the discharge port.

3. The heat exchange part is the heat exchange tube row. Except for the first layer of chain plates above, other coal seam chain plates are arranged under the heat exchange tube rows. The heat-conducting oil heated by the heat-conducting oil furnace flows in the pipe row, and radiates the heat to the drying chamber through the pipe row, and the room temperature is heated to about 190 degrees to dry the briquette on the chain plate. The heat-conducting oil returns to the heat-conducting oil furnace for heating, and circulates heat again.

4. The exhaust part is composed of air duct and variable frequency induced draft fan.

Schematic diagram of working principle

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