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Hebei Jinzhuangzi Boiler Co., Ltd. has been pursuing the business philosophy of "survive by quality, develop by technology" for more than 20 years. Xunzi boiler has good production conditions. The cutting, forming, welding, assembly, pressure test, machining, lifting and testing of the boiler are all well-equipped. In addition, Xunzi Boiler has also established a strict quality assurance management system, and integrated quality control throughout the entire process of design, procurement, production, and inspection to ensure the high quality of boiler products and have been unanimously recognized by the majority of boiler users.
After sales service
Hebei Jinzongzi Boiler Co., Ltd. has always pursued survival by quality, development by efficiency, vigorously implemented the brand strategy, and implemented major measures to create a brand, establish an image, and focus on service. We will, as always, adhere to the principles of quality first, reputation first, and customer first to provide you with quality services.
The specific service methods are as follows:
1. Warranty system.
    All products supplied by our company are subject to warranty. The warranty period of the main engine of the boiler is 12 months, and the warranty period of the auxiliary machine is 6 months. During the warranty period, due to product quality problems, the company is responsible for free replacement and repair. For failures caused by non-product quality issues during the warranty period and failures that occur outside the warranty period, our company is also responsible for repair and replacement at a cost.
2. Promote the " 110 " service system.
    After the product sold by our company is faulty, the service personnel will arrive at the user's site within 24 hours (48 hours outside the province) from the time of receiving the user's phone notification and troubleshoot as soon as possible.
3. Implement the "responsible person system for product quality of engineering projects".
    For key users and bulk boiler users, after the signing of the contract, from the product manufacturing, storage, delivery to installation, trial operation, responsible for the appointment, the whole process of service, improve the quality of the project.
4. Implement the "regular user access system".
    For users of our company, the products are returned once a month during the first half of the year. Revisited quarterly within two years to solve problems for users; and set up corresponding user files to facilitate information communication with users.
5. Holiday duty system.
    Holidays (including the Spring Festival) are on duty as usual, so that quality service is reflected every day of the year 365 days.
6. Free training system.
    Freely train users for furnace operation managers to ensure the normal operation of the boiler.
7. One- stop service system.
    Implement one-stop service for users:
(1) Free consulting service for boiler room design for users;
(2) Provide free layout plan of boiler room for users' reference;
(3) In addition to supply and agency transportation, it can also provide users with high-quality installation services;
(4) Provide users with preferential spare parts.
High quality boiler + service in place = customer satisfaction.
Hebei Jinzunzi Boiler Co. , Ltd. , A-class boiler production qualification, specializing in the production of heat-conducting oil furnaces , steam boilers , hot water boilers, waste heat boilers, pressure vessels, steam generators, desulfurization tanks. The steam boiler has reached the domestic leading level, saving more than 30% of energy compared with similar products in the same industry in China
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