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Furfural-fired boiler
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1. Application scope of furfural-fired boiler:
It is mainly used in the furfural industry for the reuse of furfural waste residues, and can also be used in other industries with combustible dust waste.
2. The working principle of furfural-fired boiler:
The furfural waste residue produced after the furfural production is used as fuel to produce steam required by the furfural production process through a boiler.
3. Product Features of Furfural Burning Boiler:
Due to the limitation of the furfural production process, the furfural slag discharged from the hydrolysis tower contains a considerable amount of water, which is directly used for combustion, which wastes fuel to reduce the thermal efficiency of the boiler and reduces the boiler output; it also easily causes ash on the heat exchange surface and reduces replacement Heat transfer effect on hot surface. In order to overcome the above shortcomings, this boiler has added a device for automatic drying of furfural slag. The waste heat of the boiler flue gas is used to dry and burn the furfural slag, which improves the thermal efficiency of the boiler, increases the boiler output, and reduces the boiler Labor intensity.

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