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Low temperature waste heat power generation boiler for cement kiln
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Product description of cement kiln low temperature waste heat power generation boiler:
Cement kiln low temperature waste heat power generation boiler (hereinafter referred to as waste heat boiler) is the key equipment for recovering waste heat from cement kiln waste heat in the cement kiln waste heat power generation system. The whole set of waste heat boiler consists of two parts. The first part is installed on the pipe from the exhaust gas outlet of the clinker cooler of the cement kiln to the dust collector, referred to as "AQC" waste heat boiler. The boiler inlet temperature of the exhaust gas is 3600C. After the exhaust gas flows through the heater, evaporator, and water heater, the exhaust gas temperature drops to about 1000C, and then enters the dust collector of the clinker cooler and is discharged into the atmosphere by the fan. This makes the boiler very thermally efficient. The second part is installed on the exhaust pipe of the cement kiln kiln tail preheater exhaust outlet to the kiln tail high temperature fan inlet for short "SP" waste heat boiler. The boiler design inlet exhaust temperature (cement kiln tail preheater outlet exhaust temperature) 3460C After the exhaust gas flows through the boiler's evaporator and economizer, the temperature drops to about 2160C, and then it is sent to the cement kiln raw material drying system and dust collection system through the high temperature fan at the end of the cement kiln. Due to the low inlet exhaust gas temperature (3460C) In addition, the heating area is relatively serious during operation with a large dust content (65g / Nm3). In order to prevent ash accumulation and improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler to achieve safe and stable operation, the boiler uses mechanical vibration in combination with actual operating conditions and specific structural characteristics. The device is cleaned to enhance the dust removal effect.
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