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Smoke tube waste heat boiler
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1. The main use of smoke tube waste heat boiler:
The waste heat boiler uses the heat from the exhaust gas, waste liquid and some power machinery exhaust gas in the production process to heat the water, turning the water into steam. Steam can be used to drive steam turbines to generate electricity, and it can also be used for production or living and heating. The waste heat boilers with different parameters are designed according to different steam uses. Therefore, the waste heat boilers have almost no finished products and are customized according to the requirements of manufacturers. Leaders are welcome to call toll-free 4006401986 for consultation.
2. Product characteristics of smoke tube waste heat boiler:
Compact structure and small volume, convenient for field installation.
High efficiency and long life.
The boiler has good sealing performance and can be operated under positive pressure.
The boiler adopts a vertical arrangement, and the flue gas scours the convection tube bundles to be heated well, and the flue gas passes through once without dead ends.
The smoke resistance is small, the auxiliary machinery consumes low, and the smoke gas flow has no diffusion and contraction. The scouring is evenly distributed, and the role of the heating surface is fully avoided to prevent local ash and wear.
The cross-sectional area of the flue gas flow is large, the smoke speed is reasonable, and the tube bundle is worn, which is conducive to the deposition of smoke and dust.

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