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DZL series steam boiler
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1. Structure of DZL series steam boiler:

The new DZ series boiler is a single-boiler vertical water-fire tube boiler with a shell structure. The main structure is a tube-type and wing-type flue. The combustion equipment is divided into a chain grate and a reciprocating grate. The hot water boiler can be divided into natural circulation plus ejection cycle and forced circulation. The water-cooled walls on the left and right sides of the hearth and the lower part of the shell are radiant heating surfaces. The convection heating surfaces of the threaded smoke pipes are arranged in the drum. The furnace wall is made of heat-resistant concrete, which is cast and tamped into a new molding process. The outer side of the boiler theme is a three-dimensional protective panel shell of paint. This series of boilers adopts the latest scientific research results of scientific research units in domestic colleges and universities, such as: arched tube sheet, threaded smoke tube, hot water boiler backwater ejection technology, etc. It solves the problems of cracks in the tube sheet of the boiler shell boiler, no bulging under the boiler, low thermal efficiency, insufficient output, and poor medium adaptability.

2.DZL series steam boiler combustion process:

The coal burned from the coal hopper fell in front of the grate. With the grate running, the coal was preheated and dried, caught fire, and burned out. The coal slag fell into the slag hopper and was removed by the slag remover. The pipes in front and behind the arch form a vortex to fully mix with the air, and heat the front arch to improve the fire conditions. Enter the left or two convection tube bundles through the arch without exiting the smoke window, and enter through the side smoke box and the front smoke box. The threaded smoke pipe passes through the economizer and dust collector and is led to the chimney by the induced draft fan and discharged.

3. Technical characteristics of DZL series steam boiler:
An arc-shaped tube sheet and a threaded smoke tube were adopted to make the boiler from a quasi-rigid to a quasi-elastic structure. The tension members in the tube sheet area were eliminated and the stress was reduced. Solve the problem of tube sheet cracks.
Because the lower part of the boiler is arranged with a rising pipe, the dead water area at the bottom of the drum is eliminated, so that sludge is not easy to deposit, and the high temperature area of the boiler can be well cooled, which prevents the lower part of the boiler from bulging.
The heat transfer thread pipe of the university is adopted to obtain the enhanced heat transfer effect, to achieve the characteristics of boiler heating up and rapid pressure increase, and to improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler.
Compared with the same type of boiler, the structure is compact, and the external dimensions are small, which saves the basic investment of the boiler room.
Stable operation, easy adjustment and sufficient output, with 110% overload capacity.
The hot water boiler has made significant improvements in water circulation. The lower header ejection technology has been successfully used. The front descending tube has been eliminated to make the structure simpler. The water circulation curve of the rising tube has been changed and the margin of water circulation has been increased. The forced circulation hot water boiler uses the pressure head of the circulating water pump to circulate water in the boiler along a certain process, so that the water always maintains a high flow rate during operation, and achieves a safe water speed to avoid cold boiling, which makes the boiler Safer and more reliable water circulation
Threaded smoke pipe is used to enhance heat transfer, which improves the heat transfer coefficient and thermal efficiency. Since the flue gas is disturbed in the pipe, it is difficult to collect dust in the pipe, which plays a role of self-cleaning.
The use of heat-resistant concrete monolithic cast wall and outer wall vermiculite concrete protective layer enhances the tightness of the furnace wall, reduces the air leakage coefficient of the furnace wall, and avoids the influence of flue gas short circuit on the boiler output and efficiency.
The furnace adopts a funny energy-saving furnace arch casted by heat-resistant concrete as a whole, which improves the ignition conditions of the coal. An independent air chamber is adopted to achieve a reasonable air distribution, and a favorable aerodynamic field is formed in the furnace, which is too large Adaptability in coal.
The boiler arch, outlet chimney, and tube bundle parts are all subject to a certain dust reduction effect, so that the original dust concentration of the boiler is controlled under the standard, and the boiler smoke emission is guaranteed to meet the national environmental protection regulations.

4. Operating principle of DZL series steam boiler:
When the boiler is running, the required normal water level of the boiler must be maintained. The water level is not allowed to be lower than the minimum water level or higher than the maximum water level.
Careful attention should be paid to working pressure to keep it at normal pressure. Under normal circumstances, the pressure should be kept stable, and the height deviation should not be greater than plus or minus 0.05 MPa. The specified working pressure of the boiler should be marked with a red line on the boiler's barometer.
Those who do not manage stoves should do at least the following tasks:
Keep the pressure expression accurate.
Always pay attention to the relationship between wind pressure and combustion, and must control the negative pressure at the outlet of the combustion chamber to 20-30Pa, so that the boiler does not spray smoke outward.
Regularly inspect the surroundings of the boiler. If you find any leaks in the furnace walls and doors, repair them immediately and listen carefully for any special sounds. These sounds may be water leaks and air leaks in the boiler. You must pay attention to eliminate them.
Frequent inspections of the boiler body, electrical equipment, feed pumps, various valves, various instruments and auxiliary equipment are performed.
When opening the valve or cock, do not strike with a sledgehammer or other objects, and do not allow the valve handle to be opened with a strong extension.
In order to prevent the valve and seat of the safety valve from adhering, the manual and automatic steam and water discharge tests of the safety valve should be performed regularly.

5. Detailed parameters of DZL series steam boiler:

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