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New LSG Series Vertical Steam Boiler
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1.Product introduction of new LSG series vertical steam boiler:

Our company's latest developed and national patented LSG series steam boiler has beautiful appearance, compact structure and good heat transfer effect. The use of vertical ascending water pipes in the boiler breaks the structure of the laborious use of horizontal water pipes in the boiler, enhancing the reliability of water circulation. The combustion chamber of this series of boilers is not provided with water-cooled walls, which increases the temperature of the furnace chamber, which is beneficial to the combustion and exhaustion of fuel, and reduces the heat loss of incomplete combustion. The exterior of the boiler is provided with a thermal insulation layer, which reduces the surface heat dissipation of the boiler and plays a role in energy saving.

2. Product features of the new LSG series vertical steam boiler:

The small steam boiler produced by our company adopts a cross-water pipe and a double-layer grate structure. It has a large heating area, fast heating and boosting, high thermal efficiency, sufficient combustion, and convenient operation. The smoke and dust removal effect is good, and the smoke emission meets the national environmental protection requirements. The furnace is small in size and saves capital investment.

3. Product parameters of the new LSG series vertical steam boiler:

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